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Brock Ford Adventures 3-Volume Set


Join 12-year-old Brock Ford in three thrilling adventures that Publisher’s Weekly calls “pure escapist fun!” From discovering a treasure hidden deep within Mount Kilimanjaro to exploring the tombs of ancient kings and pursuing strange creatures through the Alaskan wilderness, you’ll sense the genuine awe, wonder and excitement of all Brock’s discoveries.

This set includes the following novels:

The Lost Treasure of Kilimanjaro
A legendary treasure…a secret palace…one big adventure!

The Mummy’s Tomb
Across the open sea…over the desert sand…and into the tomb of a missing mummy!

The River of Gold
A lost goldmine…a forgotten ghost town…a terrifying creature!


Three paperbacks, personally inscribed by Will Overby – $35.00

(Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery)

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