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The Island


Sunny beaches. . . deadly secrets.

St. Celine boasts secluded pink-sand beaches and sparkling turquoise waters just an hour’s ferry ride from Nassau. In the wake of a personal tragedy, Sarah and Amy arrive for a week of sun and margaritas and maybe some romance with the locals.

But Sarah’s obsession with a pair of honeymooners who disappeared from this paradise leads to the discovery of a bizarre video posted online by the couple just hours before they vanished – images of a purported vodou zombie ritual somewhere on the island.

As Sarah and Amy attempt to verify the authenticity of the video and perhaps learn the fate of who made it, they uncover St. Celine’s tragic and horrifying past – and secrets the island’s inhabitants will protect at all costs.

A thrilling tale sure to bring shivers under the hottest tropical sun.

Paperback personally inscribed by Will Overby – $19.95

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