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The Killing Vision


Evil has come to Cedar Hill.

When the tortured body of a missing fourteen-year-old girl washes up on the river’s edge during a Fourth of July fireworks display in the town of Cedar Hill, police detective Mike Halloran has only two clues – her body has been kept frozen for several weeks, and she’s been violated in unspeakable ways. And Halloran isn’t the only man searching for answers; Joel Roberts is obsessed with the crime and he has an uncanny psychic ability. While struggling to understand his gift, he wonders if he can use it in some way to help solve the murder. But as Joel gets deeper into his own investigation, he starts to suspect the killer may be closer than he first thought, and that he himself might be in danger. But even as the shock of this crime is still fresh, another young girl goes missing, and both men realize Cedar Hill is harboring a serial killer. And somehow they’ve got to stop him before he strikes again.


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