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The Lost Treasure of Kilimanjaro


A legendary treasure… a secret palace… one big adventure!

When 12-year-old Brock Ford is invited to Africa with his globe-trotting anthropologist uncle Dirk Armstrong, he jumps at the chance to ditch his boring hometown to spend the summer on safari among wild animals and friendly natives. But Brock and Dirk are barely off the train in Nairobi when mysterious artifacts begin to surface which indicate the legend of an ancient lost treasure may actually be true. It’s an adventure that takes them over the Serengeti plain, through an underground Chagga fortress, and up the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro itself. Their discovery might be the greatest archaeological find of the century, but it could also trap them within the mountain’s volcanic depths forever.


Paperback, personally inscribed by Will Overby – $16.95

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