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Zach cover

Zach Ziegler’s So-Called Middle School Life


Sometimes just surviving second period is an accomplishment!

Zach Ziegler’s mom says he’s “big-boned.” His grandfather referred to him as “strapping.” His dad, whom he never sees much, calls him “Sporto.” No one uses the F-word: fat. But Zach’s arch-nemesis, Trevor, doesn’t mind pointing out the obvious, and Zach is horrified when Trevor christens him with a new nickname in front of the whole PE class. If that isn’t bad enough, the science fair is coming up, and Zach and Trevor are paired up on a project. And just when it seems things can’t possibly get any worse, Zach’s cat destroys what Zach and Trevor have spent days putting together. Will Zach survive sixth grade, or is he destined to be murdered before the school year is over?

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