December 2014 Update

My goodness what a difference one year can make.

Since my December 2013 post I’ve released all three Brock Ford books in paperback, Devil’s CatacombsMoon Shadow, and the audio book versions of The Killing Vison, The Island  and The Movie House Mystery.  I’ve also had a short story appear in the anthology, Light in the Darkness, and I saw The Mummy’s Tomb walk away with a silver medal in the Florida Authors and Publishers Association awards.  We also had a grandchild!


Quite an eventful year.  2015 will most certainly be as exciting.  I fully expect to release The Novelist in the first quarter, and due to popular demand, the sequel to The Killing Vision is back in the works.  The fourth book in the Brock Ford series, Ghosts Along the Amazon, may also make its appearance, along with at least one more horror novel.  I have lots of writing to do in the coming year, but I will always try to update my faithful readers at least once a month.

Today I finished the Ideas to Story workshop with Dean Wesley Smith, and I must say that I was left with a great deal of inspiration for future projects.  The whole point of this workshop was to show how story ideas can be triggered from a wide variety of sources – objects, people, places, etc. – and how these triggers can be built upon to create stories, novels, or entire series.  It was fantastic working with Dean, as always, and I highly recommend any of his workshops to writers who want to better their skills.  The workshops are a little pricey, but they’re well worth it.  If you’re serious at all about being a writer, you understand the importance of constantly learning how to improve your craft.  Great writers aren’t born, they’re made, and if you stop learning you’ll grow stale and wither into obscurity.  I advise anyone who wants to write to constantly strive to learn from a variety of sources; your writing will only get better for it.

I want to thank everyone who in the past year purchased one of my books, sent me an encouraging email or Facebook post, or stopped by in person to visit.  You are the reason I love doing this.  Without readers a book is a dead thing, a lump of ideas and dreams and words.  You are what brings them to life, what keeps them alive.  I feel very fortunate to have a dedicated group of readers who always ask, “When’s the next book coming out?”  It’s a constant reminder that I’m not sitting here working away for nothing, that people really do enjoy reading my stories, as twisted as some of them are.  (The stories, not the people.)  Thank you again for all your support, and I hope to keep entertaining you as long as I can still put words on a screen.

I hope this holiday season you are all surrounded with peace and joy and love.  Merry Christmas, and best wishes for a wonderful, exciting, and promising 2015!

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