Old Face, New Place

I  have a confession to make.  I have been writing very little the past few months.  It’s been hard to isolate myself and make myself trudge forward with a story.  However, I have stumbled upon a solution.  I bought my son’s old laptop.  I have set myself up in the family room where my wife usually sits and where the TV is.  I decided I would try working in there for a little bit, just to see how things went.  I’m doing a rewrite of my first novel first penned back in the ancient times of 1984-1985, and I thought I would see how I could work with so many distractions.

The verdict?

I have written more this past weekend than in the past month.  Who knew that simply moving my work area from an office to the center of family life would have such an impact?  I really doubted I would be able to concentrate with so much going on around me, but I have found the opposite is true.  It’s like the noise and activity actually keep my brain flowing.  Sitting by myself in the study seemed to have stifled my creative juices.  Ideas are flowing again now, including my latest project which is to self-publish all my old stuff.  With decent editing and rewrites, of course.

Stay tuned to see how things pan out!

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