Cover Woes

I am having a horrible time with the print cover for Drum.  When I received the first proofs, the image was too dark and the face was hardly visible, even in bright light.  I have been fighting with it ever since.  Over the weekend I scrapped my Photoshop file and began fresh.  I finally ended up with an image I liked, but it weighs in at a hefty 80 MB – twice the limit for cover image files at CreateSpace.  I worked with it a little more, and ended up with a 35 MB file, but when I saw the results this morning, it was again a disappointment.  Guess I have no choice but to work with it some more tonight and hopefully get the image lightened up AND under the 40 MB mark.  It would be easy to just slap something on the cover and be done with it, but that’s not how I roll.On a lighter note, the proof for Movie House Mystery came in today.  Hopefully it won’t suffer from the same issues and it can be put out fairly soon.  I know my illustrator, Cindy Loy Crider, is anxiously awaiting seeing her work on a printed page, and I can’t wait to have a physical book to offer to people who have enjoyed this little book.  Stay tuned!